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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Pickle Pride!

"The Best Pickle You'll Ever Try"

This was taken a couple years ago when our grand daughter, Domino, was one.
We'll have to hurry up and get another shot of her soon, before her next birthday.  Our little pickle spokesperson will be 3 this September.  


Originating from my German Grand-Mother's Dill Pickle recipe and tweaked by my Norwegian/English husband, we think we have a mighty fine tasting dill pickle!!  But, "that ain't all folks!"....
My husband the carpenter came up with this great crate idea.  We both love all things old and antique, we actually have a few antique wooden crates.  They were the inspiration behind the limited edition Sall Farm pickle crate.  Each one made by hand and individually numbered to make it really unique and collectible.  He builds the boxes out of South Dakota pine and puts individual wooden slots inside to hold 6 of our quart jars.  Then, (and this is the fun part)....he fire-brands our Sall Farm logo on each crate and fire-brands the year it was made!
How "Hot" is that??  

We love high-quality, high-test, products and are proud of  the foods we grow and the pickles we produce...
Now just like fancy chocolates come in a gold embossed box,
Fine Wine comes in a velvet pouch,
Our fine pickles come in a hand-made, fire-branded, wooden crate!


barb said...

Those crates are the greatest! People better get on your mailing list now for Christmas presents! Buy handmade...b

Donald Jahn said...

Nice meeting you at the Evil monkeys BBQ. Tried the pickles you left at our tent, absolutely the best I've had in years, and I live in Amish country. How can I get some more? Don Jahn