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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Corn For $ale

Our boy, Max, always has one eye open and ears tweeked for ANY intruders!  Between him and Farmer Sall, our sweet corn patch has stayed well protected this year.

It's been a nightly regimen to walk out to the corn for an inspection and just shoot the gun (in case anyone out there has got any visions of eating sweet corn, this usually scares them away).

So, Sall's plan to plant and harvest sweet corn to sell has actually worked out this year!

He's been hauling it to local stores for a couple of weeks now and there's still more coming to maturity.
Yesterday he got his biggest order!!
200 DOZEN!!  I call it crazy! He was thrilled and ready to start picking.
He gave me the night off, while he took the pickup out to the corn patch.  Dressed in long sleeves and long pants and sprayed down with OFF, he stayed out there for 2 hours and picked 75 dozen.  You can do the math...that's 7.5 ears of corn per minute!!  He's a corn pickin' machine.  I'm sure if he wouldn't have had to maneuver around the pumpkin vines that have spread into the corn, he could've done better.  Our farmer neighbors were picking the other 125 dozen and he's heading to Custer, South Dakota at dawn.

900 ears of corn!

Just another day at the Sall Farm!
Sweet Dreams.

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barb said...

Holy Cow! Follow that truck! Is it loaded in an armored truck? It should be...