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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Summer's Bounty

The sun is making it's retreat back and the days are getting shorter....
Where has summer gone?
It's our most productive season, why does it have to be so short??

Just when the flowers are at their finest, the sun starts giving them less attention.
All they want is a little sunshine and some warmth...their time is limited here in the Dakotas. 

August and September are big "harvest" months here in South Dakota.  The combines are running in the fields, and we are running here on our farm.  It's been unusually wet this summer and for the grass to be growing at all this time of year,well, it's unheard-of.  The pickles are at the end, but the tomatoes and peppers have just begun!  So it's salsa and tomato juice time and relish in-between.  No time for slowing down now.
We will be up at sunrise for the rest of the summer keeping up with all the beautiful, bountiful vegetables yet to be harvested.   

Stay tuned for the joys of canning salsa and tomato juice...
and our newest relish,
"Hung Hot"

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