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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Birthdays and Blessings

We've been blessed with 3 beautiful
grand children!

This month the babies turned one year old!

Wyatt Julien's birthday was first 
cake and presents, Grandmas & Grandpas
it was a pretty special day!

Three weeks later
Little Zelda celebrated
her First Birthday....

Grandma and Grandpa 
weren't able to make it
to her party,
How terrible!
I'm sure that's what
she was thinking....

We promise to be there for your 
next birthday, Zelda!!

She's our quiet little "thinker"!


is a pretty special day...
if this guy hadn't been born 
way back when...

none of these cute little
faces would've even happened!!

thank goodness for small favors
and "the Pickleman"

We all love you
"Super Sall"

Happy Birthday to my better half!
May there be many, many more!


texwisgirl said...

Cute! Love your hubby's gray hair and smile! Happy Birthday Sall!!!

barb said...

Happy Birthday Sully! You have some cute grandkids there.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to Sal and to your little grandbabies, too! Looks like everyone had fun on their special day.

Sharon said...

Happy Birthday to Sal! (and the little sweethearts too!)