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Saturday, October 30, 2010


As I get ready to put away the jack-o-lanterns, I think about what is beyond that....  

Thanksgiving, of course. 
You know, the holiday that Americans slip in there just to get a good meal 
while they're shopping till they drop for Christmas.

The Christmas stuff has been out for two weeks already in the stores.
(C'mon people can we just live in the moment, please?)
This has been a beautiful Autumn and I am THANKFUL!  

Today I am dedicating this post to a great summer and fall.....
(Tomorrow, I will be deciding where the Christmas tree is going to go.)

Remember all the way back to March??

Our tomatoes were just little sprouts.

In May we always get anxious for warm weather, 
so we headed south for Kansas City
where it's warm and the flowers are blooming like crazy!

By May 21st, our lilacs were in full bloom and the asparagus
patches were exploding!!

Walleye fishing was excellent...
guess what's on the menu in May at Sall Farm?

In June our iris are finally blooming, only a month later than our daughter's in Kansas City.


We were thinking of abandoning the whole garden plan...but we didn't...

Good thing, because the cucumber plants grew and grew....

And developed into some awesome Sall Farm Deluxe Kosher Dill Pickles!!

It was a pretty good year for produce too!

We weeded,tilled, harvested and enjoyed another great summer in South Dakota.

Autumn in South Dakota is a rare thing...it seems like it usually goes from summer to winter.
But, this year was the exception....
The elms, cottonwoods, and maples had time to really steal the show this year!
I'm grateful for the time I had to enjoy it with my buddy, Max.

And so, from flooding rains to cool frosty mornings...
seasons come, seasons go....

I'm just happy to have a farm I call home

What will you be grateful for this Thanksgiving season?

Enjoy a peaceful weekend my friends,



Karen said...

Hello Lisa, I am thankful for having a home to call my own and, of course, my family and friends!

I love your photography, the sunset and ailo are gorgeous!

Karen said...

oooooops...I meant to say sunset and Silo, sorry!

Verde Farm said...

I am so thankful to have found farm living. I never dreamed I would be a farm girl and now can't imagine not living this way. Your photos are beautiful and what a great trip through the year. Happy Sunday!