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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Countrified Mosaic

Phewwww, what a weekend....
I think I logged about 18 hours of blog time!!
On Friday I joined up with Tootsie and her Flaunt Your Flowers Friday Party.
What fun that was...I love flowers, so it was a "must" for me.  Unfortunately, now we are going into Winter here and I don't know what I'll have for flowers to flaunt again next week??? Yet, another challenge.

Anyway, I don't know how many times I lost myself in all the Flower posts.
There are soooo many great photographers and gardeners out there. 
I found myself overwhelmed with ideas and inspiration...so much that I bounded out of my chair, grabbed my camera and went outside to take pictures, lots of pictures, 100 gigabytes of  pictures!!!!  And then I remembered it was cloudy and raining and cold and windy!  I came back inside...my hubby asks,"what are you doing?"  I answered, "nothing" and went back to the computer.  So much for inspirational photos today!
Maybe tomorrow though?

I do want to share a couple of the great blogs I found this weekend....
If you get a chance, pop in on them and see for yourself.
http://redwillowlisa.blogspot.com/  Lisa is a photographer from Canada,
her photos of nature, etc. are breath-taking...
I love that her name is Lisa and she has a cat that looks just like ours!!
With all that in common, maybe karma will send some of her talents my way too???LOL
http://krensgarden-karen.blogspot.com/  Karen is a fun gal from Wisconsin.
I was literally laughing out loud reading her posts.  The photos are gorgeous, and 
wait till you see their backyard!!!

So in all the visiting and admiring others' great blogs, I realized tomorrow is Mosaic Monday.
Hmmmm, what to mosaic???  I was suddenly blank, empty, knock,knock, nobody home blank.
I browsed through all my files of pictures (all 1248 of them)
Still Blank...
Fall, Flowers, Fall, Sunsets....uh uh! Nada! 
My mind felt like a wet noodle, I was seeing ghosts of pumpkins in my head.

I'm tired of hunting pictures, but I did another collage anyway...

That one was for my husband and his buddies.  I'm sure they'll appreciate it.

Then a glimpse of hope....

An old barn, and an old weed....

Some fun on Corel Paint Essentials

Ahhh, that's pretty....

More fun with Piknic....

Let's switch over to Picasa

these are okay, but how about.....

Mixing it up a little?

Yes, I think I've got it!!

Happy Mosaic Monday!!
and thanks a bunch for stopping by my blog.

Now click on the "mosaic monday" button
on my sidebar and beware of mosaic meltdown!


Carol at Serendipity said...


You have definitely got it! I'm not sure how you used Painter Essential for the milkweed shot but I will probably spend all afternoon trying to figure it out!

Your blog looks absolutely outstanding. Great job.


Snap said...

Yes, I'd say you've definitely got it!!!! Well done!!!!!

Verde Farm said...

Oh my goodness--LOVE your pics and that mosaic with the great barn pic is beautiful. Love it!

A Garden of Threads said...

Those are absolute stunning. A fabulous job.

Karen said...

Lisa, you have got talent beyond belief for writing and photography! I would be there for hours trying to figure out what you did, and even then, it wouldn't turn out worth a hoot. And thank you so much for your kind words about my blog, gosh, I'm honored. Now I want to go back and look at those mosaics of yours again, just lovely!

Mary said...

So much fun, and so much fall beauty! :)