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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Bouquet Blues

The prairie sunsets are so beautiful here, there really should be a law against
enhancing them on your computer!!

I guess I'm just a little sad after the wind and snow came 
and robbed me of all the beautiful Fall color.

So tonight, I sit here playing with all of my summer flower images...
and soaking in all the color I can before everything turns to black and white!

I think I just made my first texture.....


This was taking about 20 flower pictures and collaging them all on top of each other in Picasa.
Then I layered it over the image of the teapot.
What do you think?


Suzy said...

Interesting...is this done in picasa basic or premium?
I like it!!!

barb said...

Very nice... that sunset!

Karen said...

Lisa, now that is a sunset too pretty to see end! Wow, and your editing really made it spectacular. I need to take the time to sit down and play with these programs. Thank you!