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Friday, October 29, 2010

Pheasants and Fence Posts

What a nice day for a pheasant hunt!

We had friends from Kansas City and Sioux  Falls
 at the farm today to do a little hunting.

The sun was out melting the snow.
I decided to tag along and take some photos.
You can never have enough pictures of old fence posts....

Or old trees....

Or old...m....never-mind!
Sall keeps reminding Mark how old he is,
(it's an inside joke)

Proud hunters...
young Max even got his first two birds, yeah!!!!

the collage.....

Thanks for stopping by Sall Farm!!
Be Safe.


Verde Farm said...

Beautiful photos--the fence posts was a great focal point :)

Karen said...

Hello Lisa, I loved the photos, too, and the fence post is a classic. How much land do you own? Hard to see snow on the ground already, we're still waiting for it, and know it will come soon enough. Glad everyone had a safe day hunting!

Casey said...

Beautiful post. Gotta tell ya - all the photos you have of golden retrievers on here brought a tear to this softy's eye...My wife and I have raised a few goldens. I am on a chocolate lab right now, but we have been talking of goldens again.

Great blog, BTW. Love your photos.

Take care -