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Monday, February 2, 2015

Flying High

It finally happened...

the moment arrived 
when the eagle 
flew over me 
and my camera was in the 
seat beside me!!

Do you know how 
many chances I've
missed because the camera
was at home, or way in the backseat,
or the eagle was along 
the Interstate and 
we were driving by at 75 mph!!

This time I was by myself,
I was able to quickly pull off the road
into someone's driveway
and snap away....

That eagle just 
kept flying back and forth
over the road...
as if he was telling
me to "hurry up and get your shot,
I'm HERE!!"

I was so excited about
the eagle, I forgot to put 
the car in park!!
I dang near rolled into the farmer's gate
when I noticed I was moving.  OOops!
That's probably why
(to my disappointment)
my shots were blurry...

I cropped it and made all the 
adjustments I could...
this is the best I could do 
on a cloudy day and with a gate coming at me!! 

Oh well....

everything is better with
a Kim Klassen texture and some words
added to it,

I hope there's a next time!!


Tara J. Okerson said...

Gorgeous! But have to admit I could picture you debating whether to save the gate or just keep snapping pics. ....

Velva said...

What a wonderful sight! Your photos turned very nice!

We have a pair of bald eagles who nest somewhere in my neighborhood. When we see them we simply stop what we are doing to watch his majestic bird.

Thanks for sharing!


barb said...

Very nice. Fun to see.

Bonnie K said...

Great photos! Nothing is better than when you get those special shots. thanks for sharing.

Country Gal said...

YEAH !! I know what you mean an Eagle kept flying over the house when I didn't have my camera then one day I did have my camera as I was out taking photos and sure enough there he was right over me well I finally got his photo , It feels good when ya get that shot doesn't it ? I am surprised I don't have the camera permanently attached to me but I do always have it ready to go and close lol ! Lovely well done I like the way you presented it . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

Ida said...

How exciting! I would have done the same thing. Good thing you noticed that the car was moving. I've never even come this close to getting a shot of an Eagle. You did great.