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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

More Happy Stuff

 Our temperature is dropping
back down to single digits...

keeping it positive around here
is more challenging
when its cold and blustery!

 I thought I needed a sign
to tell me...

I miss the ol' boy
crowing every day,
but so grateful he's not
freezing out in our old shack
of a chicken coop...

He's always been my other
favorite subject 
out here on the prairie...

 I played around this weekend
with Photoshop
and images from the farm 
and came up with this little 
framed piece....

I love the RED frame!
(picked it up at the thrift store for a few dollars
and gave it a new coat of color then sanded it 
to give it some charm)

Cold, windy days keep me locked up.
But, I do love challenging myself with
new art projects...

I saw this Mayfaire Brand Biscuit
idea in a catalog, and thought I'd try it with
my own images....

Here is a full resolution image
of my version
If you would like to download and copy
one for yourself, feel free!
I'm feeling kind today!

FREE 1500x1500 pixels image

Now you just need to find 
a great cheap bargain frame 
and some RED paint!!

Have a Happy,Lovely,Wonderful Day,
(see, I'm trying!)


barb said...

That is so cute, and free! I may have to do a drive by rooster dropoff someday. What good is a farm without a rooster?

Greg and Donna said...

I love the rooster print ~ thanks for the freebie! And I love the "drive by rooster drop off" comment! d

Melinda said...

Super job!
Love the red frame.

M ; )

Ida said...

What a great looking Rooster and your image is very artistic and stunning.