Blowing Cold Ain't Fun No More

One of my favorite

(A home-body, that's me
always have been 
always will be)


when it comes to the middle of February,
and the forecast says
windchill advisory...
I could pack up a bag or two
pretty easily!

Blow the snow off my car
and head south!!

Anybody with me??

I'll be the one chucking
my snow boots into the ocean,


Melinda said…
Well, if you head South double check
their weather. : )

Some of our Southern friends ate having yucky weather too. Oh boy!

M : )
Country Gal said…
I'll join you any day on that idea ,come on spring ! I have had enough of the cold for this year -40 below here on and off YIKES !!! Lovely photos Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !
barb said…
I know a nice place in Flagler Beach Florida.

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