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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wedding Memories

Eight years ago today I married 
my best friend - the LOVE of my life!

Over the years I've been asked the same 
question over and over...
"is he always this FUNto be with?"

Sall is my constant source of joy and laughter...

I pretty much knew from the beginning
that this guy was someone I could hang out with
for the rest of my life!

I'm usually the serious one,
and I tried to put my foot down at our wedding rehearsal

The next thing I know he's got the dog trained
to drag him out of there!

Little Max was just a puppy at our wedding
and after that little stunt I made sure he stayed 
in the garage until after the "I do's"!

the wedding ceremony went off beautifully
we both stayed serious and got through it
with only a few tears.
(tears of joy,of course)

Josie was the happiest that we finally got hitched!

My family provided a beautiful spread of food for the reception.

After days of torrential winds and harvest trucks
zooming past the farm...
on that, our wedding day, we woke up
to the most beautiful calm day 
and the neighbors all parked the harvest trucks
in honor of our wedding (a very nice thing)!

A small group of family and friends gathered in the back 
yard and witnessed our vows to each other.
Afterward some musician friends and family
got out their guitars, and electric organ
and entertained us into the evening.

It was a most unforgettable weekend with
all of our family and we will always treasure
the memories we have from that labor day
weekend 2003!

Here it is eight years later and it 
seems like yesterday...
I'm still laughing 
and we still find joy in each other
every day!

Have a great day!
from me and my better half,

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Summer Scenes

"Make hay while the sun shines"...

I don't know where the time has gone?

but, I have been busy
(not making hay)

but, busy!!

I love summer....

and no matter how much
I plead and beg
it's not going to stay here 
as long as I want!

It sure is fun
while it lasts!

More heat coming in this week...

"Bring It ON!!"

I'm enjoying every sultry steamy minute of it
cause I know what comes in next...
Long johns and snow shovels!

"So squeeze that last ounce of sun screen
out of the bottle and go soak up some sun"

Make hay,
mow the grass,
pull the weeds,
walk in it,
run in it,
BATHE in it!
and enjoy our time in the sun,
it all passes by us too soon!

Thanks for stopping by today
I love reading your comments...
thanks for taking time out of your day
for little ol' me!!!

Monday, August 29, 2011

Mosaic Monday

September is drawing near...

soon Summer 2011
will be behind us!

This week our calendar is 
full of activity...

Not just the usual work schedule
an Uppercase Living Open House
(tonight at 7:00 - contact me if
you are interested in learning more about Uppercase Living!)
Canning vegetables (as many as we can)
Packing for a long weekend in the Black Hills
Wednesday is the Sall's anniversary!
We will probably make it an evening of
mowing and weed eating
(oh the excitement!)

Hope your week is fun-filled!

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Friday, August 26, 2011

A Simple Peachy Pleasure

Let's talk Country Pleasures...

It's Friday and I want us all
to start the weekend with 
a big ol' country SMILE!

That's right,
now put all that Work and Business and Stress stuff away
and start thinking 
about a land 
where everything is 
just PEACHY!

Like right here
 at the Sall Farm...
 a friend brought us some 
peaches and we're
making a peach pie!!

When you think about simple 
country pleasures doesn't 
a pie on the windowsill
come to mind?

That's my goal...
so I called up my resident
expert pie maker
and had her come help 
me make a peach pie!

Mom's Fresh Peach Pie recipe 
calls for sweet cream and peaches!
She's always made pie crusts with Crisco,
but that is highly debatable! 
If you are a lard lover, your pies are the best!
yada, yada, yada
I've heard both sides!

Mom's crusts always turn out nice and flaky,
just the way I like them!

She whipped out that pie crust
like an old pro...
we peeled the peaches,
and mixed up the cream
and sugar...
poured it over the top
and in the oven it went!

We had a little left over crust and a few peach slices
so "Mrs. Crocker" did her magic
and voila
a peach dumpling!!

We hung up our aprons and then 
had a little blogging time!
Mom's getting tired of hearing 
about her daughter's blog on the street,
so she's invested in a new laptop!
Lesson one started with the 
sweet smell of peach pie emanating from 
my oven...
I only hope she can compute
as well as she can make pies!?

The dumpling came out of the 
oven first...
we devoured it before
I even thought about getting 
a picture of it!
The pie came out next...
and onto the windowsill it went...

The pie did last long 
enough for the guys to get 
home from work and 
we all enjoyed
a taste of heaven 
after a great lasagna dinner!

Mmmm, nothin' says lovin' like
a pie from the oven!!


Hope your weekend is filled
with peace, love, and pie!

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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I have a little more time to spend at home this week...

so today I'm posting a twofer!

When I'm not here, I'm busy out 
trying to make a living (along with Sall)!
But, I've always got my cameras 
with me and always thinking about
my next blog post!

Lately I've got more pictures
than words...
so here's some calming photos 
to enjoy
and help you
make it through
another work week!...

the Dog days of Summer...

Quick, grab your sunglasses....

temperatures are cooling,
and the air conditioner is off,
what a relief!

Have a peaceful week, my friends!

Back To School

It's that time....

Summer Vacation is over
it's Back To School!!

Not a happy time for as long as I can remember
(maybe even before that!)

School started here on Monday...
guess what?
"Out early" on Tuesday due to extreme heat!

Why do they do that?
Isn't there plenty of time to learn
when the leaves start falling
and the snow starts flying?

I never could figure out why
they had to interrupt my
summer with school!!

Nope, the pool shuts down
(it's still 95 degrees out!)
the parks are open till Labor day,
the state fair hasn't happened yet...
but, those foolish teachers
gotta drag us into that oven
and try to learn us somethin!!

Well, maybe they are a little justified,
but let's just admit...
it is still SUMMER!!

My first day of school...
way back in 1969
(see how the petunias are still thriving!)

This could've been day two,
Mom was probably so impressed I survived day one
she needed another picture!!!

I pretty much hated everything about school
from the early morning bus ride to the bully waiting
outside the door at the end of the day.
You know...
this could be a light bulb moment,
if my parents would've lived in town
those first years of school I may 
have loved school and turned
out to be a lawyer or a doctor!!
Instead, I spent 7 hours of every day
dreading the bus ride instead of listening
to my teachers! 

Oh, maybe it wasn't all that bad!
I passed!
there was always that
hour of lunch time and recess
that kept me going....

Time was never on my side, though!
The clock kept ticking and that inevitable
bus ride was coming at 3:30 every day!

Thank goodness for all the great kids in my class,
who came through it all with me...

Me? Middle Row, first dweeb on the left.

Twelve years of friendship and a lifetime of memories...

As for that bully....
the bloody nose he gave me just 
before I got on the bus
only lasted a few minutes...
every time I see him now at the scrap metal yard
pushing junk around,
I think about taking a swing at him,
but then I just start laughing!

Sometimes life is just funny.

I love this quote by Tom Bodett....
"The difference between school and life?  In school, you're
taught a lesson and then given a test.
In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson."

May all your lessons give you wisdom (and laughter),

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ring Ring


"Hello Operator"

"Yes, operator, could I have the correct time please?"

"The correct time is 9:45"

"Thank you!"


Just remembering the old days....

When you could actually pick up something solid
put your finger on a number, dial, 
and hear an actual person at the other end!

NO bars to look for -
NO cutting out - 
NO push one for more options -
NO "call was lost"!

Just DIAL and TALK period.

Remember when you had a party line?
Our phone was shared with 3 country neighbors,
our number was 4 digits long,
our ring was 2 shorts.
If we were using the phone and there was any cutting out,
it meant that someone else picked up and was snooping in!
We would say, "Did you need to use the phone?"
then we'd hear a CLICK.

OHHHH my, how things change!

Text ya later,

Monday, August 15, 2011

Sunny Flower Monday Mosaic

A little mosaic fun with the sunflowers this Monday...

Have a perfect day, my friends!

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