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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Ring Ring


"Hello Operator"

"Yes, operator, could I have the correct time please?"

"The correct time is 9:45"

"Thank you!"


Just remembering the old days....

When you could actually pick up something solid
put your finger on a number, dial, 
and hear an actual person at the other end!

NO bars to look for -
NO cutting out - 
NO push one for more options -
NO "call was lost"!

Just DIAL and TALK period.

Remember when you had a party line?
Our phone was shared with 3 country neighbors,
our number was 4 digits long,
our ring was 2 shorts.
If we were using the phone and there was any cutting out,
it meant that someone else picked up and was snooping in!
We would say, "Did you need to use the phone?"
then we'd hear a CLICK.

OHHHH my, how things change!

Text ya later,


TexWisGirl said...

we had a party line when we lived at the farm in Wis. when i was a kid. i definitely tried the 'listening in' thing a time or two... :) and yeah, i loved the 4 digits. thank goodness, as those rotary dials took a while. ha!

Sharon said...

Oh, do I ever remember the party line! We had a neighbor who would listen in on every call. So my brother-in-law fixed her wagon! One day, knowing she was listening in, he said to a friend...
"Do you know how to play switch"
"No" said his friend "How do you play?"
"Well", said my BIL, "First you stick a thumb in your mouth, and the other up your a--"
"Then say, switch!"
That was followed by a click, and she never listened in on the phone when my BIL was there!
Later when she would be listening, we all tried it, and all we had to do was ask our caller if they wanted to play "switch" and we would get our privacy.

Have a great day!

Louise said...

Yup, we had a party line when I was a kid, too. One old biddy (jeepers, she was probably no older than I am now) was always listening in. My Mom would get so mad. You had to call the woman by name, before she'd hang up. "Mrs. Miller, would you please hang up the phone? I'm having a private conversation here and it's no concern of yours." Needless to say, My Mom and Mrs. Miller weren't on the best of terms.

Country Gal said...

I remember those days of party lines when I was on the farm. I still remember our phone number ! Great post and photos took me back to the good old days ! Yup how things change ! Have a wonderful day !

Karen said...

Lisa, we just got rid of our party line less than a decade ago, that's how backward things are around here. And I still have a black rotary phone just like that though I'm not using it, lol.

We had Myrtle, and she was the town busybody. Talk about rude, once she even asked me to speak up when I was talking to someone because she hadn't heard what I said. I like the 'switch' game, lol.

Oh, I'd love for you to come and weed in my garden, heck we can forget weeds, just bring the wine!!

Debbie said...

dial up, rotary...i remember it all!! and dialing a phone number without using the area code...ancient history!!!!

barb said...

And doesn't one get tired carrying these blasted cell phones everywhere and having people know you're tied to it and they can get you anytime, anywhere? and voice mail, and call waiting and conference calling and...oh now you got me started didn't you?

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

This is very timely, Lisa, as I'm so fed up with technology today! Nothing is working right. I'm ready to go back to the rotary! :)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

This is very timely, Lisa, as I'm so fed up with technology today! Nothing is working right. I'm ready to go back to the rotary! :)

Tammy said...

I am old enough to remember having a perty line as a kid...boy did we have fun listening in...hehe...naughty girls.

I have to admit that I still don't carry a cell phone. I own one, but use it only when traveling or "On Call" for work. Texting....no way! I can't stand it.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

In the Uk we used to have a speaking clock you were able to dial called TIM. :)