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Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Greeting

Happy Winter....

I think it's warmer
in Siberia...

The days will start to get longer

Jack Frost 
is nipping at my nerves...


I prefer being inside looking out...

even if it's through
a frosty window pane...

My Christmas decorations 
are pretty slim this year...

It was just too cold to retrieve
them from the pickle barn!

We have the basics...

a tree for Santa to put
my present under...
(Maybe Santa will see my unfinished window
and keep an eye out for some old wood trim
to match what we have?? HINT.)

I found another Santa to add to my collection...

too bad all the others are out freezing in the barn!

Sall cleared the landing pad
for Santa and his reindeer....

I hope I'm still on his "Nice" list!!

(better leave some cookies out, just in case!)

Merry Christmas to all 
and to all 
some warmer weather!

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hold On To Your Heart

Santa came to the Sall Farm
early this year...

or maybe it was a 
Christmas Stork?

anyway, here's our 
newest little member of the family...

Pure sweetness and Joy...

She's stolen our hearts, 
and gets away with anything
(even laying on the couch!)



just too precious at this stage...

She got used to her new home
the first night she was here...

 I can't say the same for 

he's still hoping 
she can be returned
after Christmas!

 She's a little annoying 
(always nipping at his heals)
but, she really is fitting 
in quite well...


He doesn't know it yet,
but he will be the best 
Big Brother ever!


She's lovin the snow...

Curious about everything...

And sleeps a lot....

I wish she could
stay this little forever...

 Aren't puppies the best!!

Have a great day,
thanks for visiting...

Hugs, and puppy dog kisses!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Birthdays Are Exhausting

Last Friday we celebrated a birthday...

good food...

a great cake...

a little visiting...
hardly any sibling squabbling!

Mom turned 83!

She was well behaved
(no dancing on the tables),
we didn't keep her out too late,
and she didn't over-indulge
on cake or anything!!

So why am I dropping her off at the hospital
on Monday??

I think she over-indulged on excitement 

A couple days of rest, saline, and anti-biotics
in her blood and she's good as new
(well, as an 83 year old)

So, Happy Birthday Again Mom!
Hope you can slow down, relax,
and enjoy many more years!
p.s. "drink your water!"


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Where Was It Made?

Every Holiday season
Sall and I go round and round
about what to buy
our family for Christmas gifts...

we don't have a very long list
(thank goodness),

but it takes us 
a long time to finish
up our shopping!!

Usually we are still
looking on Christmas Eve day
for that last gift or two or three!!
 "NO" this is not us...

 I usually have to come up
with the ideas
then run it passed him
then find it 
then run it passed him
then he asks
"where was it made?"
I find the tag that says
made in Pakistan
He says "take it back"
and it starts all over....


You see, Mr. Sall
(and me too) are big
believers in shopping local,
and/or keeping it hand-made!!


This year,
I've got a new system!

we are probably spending
the holiday in Iowa
(gotta meet our newest grandbaby!)

Iowans make everything themselves don't they??

First, we are stopping at the 
Amana Colonies...


where there are tons of 
unique antiques and 
everything is homemade!

and then I'm going to my new
favorite place on an
 Iowa country road
Two Sisters....

(I might be shopping for myself there!)

the last time I was there it was Fall time...

I can't wait to see how they get 
decked out for Christmas!!

 I can already smell the 
cinnamon candles...

minty lotions...


 what unique piece
of re-purposed junk
am I going to find this time??


I know for sure I will 
leave inspired...

 and will not impress
my husband with
ideas of unfinished projects 
in my head...

One thing is for sure,
the tags will say 
American Made

only antique, unique, rusty,
or used
in my shopping bags...

so when he asks
"Where was it Made?"

"Chill out, Hubby",I'll say...
"We're in Iowa!"

I'll give back his Visa...
and with it a receipt 
then simply tell him...
"No Refunds today!"

Blessings to you and yours
this Holiday Season!

f.y.i.:  if the image doesn't have a "Sall's Country Life" watermark on it
I found it on the world wide web!