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Monday, September 22, 2014

A Capital Moment

To all the great people I met on the Wagon Train, welcome to my blog!

I am sorting through hundreds of photos and will be posting them on a sight so that you can go through and purchase any you like.  Please have patience and tune in often to see new posts and listings!

The final day of your journey (passing in front of the Capital steps) was certainly an exciting day,
and a grand day for picture taking!  The orange on the trees, the beautiful blue sky, that grand dome in the back ground mmmm, I can't wait to share this new set of photos!!

The Governors from both South Dakota
and North Dakota were there to mark your arrival...

Riders from both states were able
to meet and greet their Governors...

Even some of our Presidents were there!....

I took a picture of everyone as 
they passed in front of the Capital Building
waving to the Governors and their wives...

A special moment for each and every
rider and team...

a whole lot of pictures...

I hope I can save a memory for someone,
these and more photos will be coming soon!

and If you didn't get the chance to see it,
this collage 16"x20" print
is available now...

I will sell it to the first person that contacts me
for $40.00.

Have a great Monday!
P.S.  My DVD slide show is also a great remembrance of the Wagon Train
From Wessington Springs to Spring Valley colony, it's a 20 minute video slideshow
with over 200 photos set to music.  Contact me by email to order a copy!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

125th Celebration Wagon Train

Our state is 125 years old this year
and some dedicated horse and mule owners decided to 
commemorate the occasion with a wagon train
from our first Territorial capital city, Yankton,
to our current state capital, Pierre, South Dakota....

Wessington Springs was on the route...
they camped near town and were able 
to take in the annual Bull Bash event...

They joined up with the annual 
Kyle Evans Memorial Wagon Train 
and enjoyed a wonderful Sunday service 
on the open prairie....

it was a beautiful and serene moment 
even the horses were silent while the 
cowboys sang

From there they trekked across fields and trails 
to Crow Lake for their next nights stay... 

with local leaders at every stop
the wagon train stayed on course...

at each rest stop there were
bales of hay and tubs of water...
the horses came first 
the picture opps came second

At each camp local people
would join the riders and 
tell stories and share some local history...

that's what made this event so special...

beautiful prairie landscapes,
blue sky as far as the eye can see,
fresh air, real stories from real people,
cell phones, tvs, and game-boys inaccessible,
a truly rare family affair...

the crowd at Crow lake was an exceptional one...

Stories and music continued through dusk...

and cowboy practice continued past bedtime...

 this abandoned town came back to life
for one night...

the next morning they hitched up and 
rode to the next stop...

an amazing journey
in this day and age
(with all of our technology)
these dedicated folks were just happy
riding across pastures taking 
in the peace and quiet...
thinking all the while about our ancestors
and how they came in wagons and on horseback
with no chemical toilets at the back of the train,
no guarantee of water or food along the way,
and their safety in jeopardy at any given moment...

Our ancestors would be proud of this remembrance,
I was proud to be a Dakotan!

Happy Birthday South Dakota
(North Dakota too)!!

 And Happy Trails to those that persevered and 
rode the whole way!

I will be posting more pictures from my journey
from Wessington Springs to Spring Valley Colony
stay tuned...

and Happy Trails,