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Friday, October 8, 2010


We are doggy-sitting for my Mom this weekend!!
Little Maui is a 9 year old Maltese, and spoiled rotten.
She's not used to other pets around, she's an only child. 
 Cats and Dogs learned to live in harmony around our house.
The consensus around here is that Maui is snooty....
she does not play well with others and chooses to mope on the couch all day.

Max chose to spend the day with Sall at work
and the cats have all disappeared  for the day.
"It's only until Sunday guys, then we can all get back to normal!"

It was a beautiful and Hot day....
the tomatoes keep coming and I keep canning!

Today's batch of tomato juice is dedicated to my brother, Dave.
Tomato juice is his favorite and today's his birthday.
Too bad, he'll have to come to the farm to have some!

Ahhh, Simply Red on the stereo, tomato juice smelling up the house....
baby sleeping.....
life is good.

Have a great day!!!

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