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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Roughing It At Winter Camp

January 8th, and we're all settled in 
to our Winter cabin!

It's so nice to have good friends. 
Sall's hunting buddies offered their hunting camp
to us for a place to ride out the rest of what looks
to be another brutal winter.... 

Sunday was the last day of hunting season....
With a couple of inches of new snow
and the temps in the single digits 
camp emptied out in a hurry on Monday!
I packed up my computer
(I've got my priorities straight)
some clothes and food
and we headed west 9 miles.
At least now we are on a road where the 
county plows will clean the road, and I'm
only 4 miles from my baby-sitting job!!

We are both so grateful this opportunity came along.
Every time the wind would blow, the stress level 
was about to take us off the deep end!

Now the wind howls....
 and Sall brings in another log for the fireplace!
Life is good
"Camp" is pretty awesome in the winter time!
Now, I suppose some "girls" wouldn't be too keen
on the thought of living in a man's camp.
Looking at hides and antlers and dead pheasants on the wall,
wouldn't be their cup of tea. I admit this camp was a little on 
the rustic side (even for me) a year ago!  But, the boys joined
together and did some remodeling and improving...
NOW it's quite the impressive masculine hang out,
 a great-looking, cozy, and 
MASCULINE hang out that I will
thoroughly enjoy for the next 7 weeks!!

Camp is now 1800 sq. feet of rustic charm.
The original building was an old Mobil Gas Station
building located in Wessington Springs (my hometown).
Our friend's parents moved it onto their farm circa 1960,
where they used it as a machine shop for the next 20 years.
{Some time soon I will sit down and get the whole story 
of how hunting camp began}
 That will be worthy of quite a 
few blog posts!!

circa 1996

This picture was taken soon after the guys
decided to close up the big door and 
turn it into hunting camp.  
My husband has spent countless weekends here,
has a lifetime of good memories, and could write a
book of endless hunting camp stories!
The photo above was the inspiration behind
a great work of stained glass work he did.

This past fall, several of the original gang 
brought their talents to camp.....
What do you get when you bring a builder,
 an electrician, a logger, a mason, and  
 a hot-air balloon pilot to an old gas station?
answer:  a lot of trash talk and a great looking "huntin' camp"!

The guys all worked really hard to get the
addition completed by opening pheasant weekend.
Their hard work payed off and the hunt was on!

Today it's 6 degrees outside... we are sitting by the fire
and watching football on the big screen t.v.
"Camp has come a long way, boys!"

I've only done a little domesticating,
and a LOT of cleaning!!  The boys probably 
wouldn't appreciate my redecorating of the mantle
or the flowers and cloth on the table, but I just couldn't
help it. That's what girls do, ya know!

I'm really going to enjoy my 
new office for the next 2 months!
This is where I'll be blogging from...
right under the old Mobil horse!

And when we leave, I'll put everything
back where it was and the men 
can get back to their trash talkin'
card games.

to Bows and Kev!

Hoping your winter is stress-free and cozy too,


Sharon said...

Oh, Lisa, I am SO glad you got moved and are safe and snug in the camp! I think they should change the name though - it looks more like a hunting lodge! Seems to be super cozy! I believe I would like it there - except for that snow and cold thing......

Shirleyanne said...

What a wonderful place, & such a transformation! Just love the fireplace, so full of character!
Beautiful stained glass, a real fan of this craft.
Stay warm & safe!

Karen said...

Lisa, I'm so glad to see you have a such a cozy and elegant place to ride out the next few weeks! What a beautiful building with a fascinating history, it is definitely worthy of the title 'lodge'.

Those old Mobil stations have so much character and your remodeling has made it even more special.

I love your husband's stained glass piece, it is a perfect image of this happy place.

Stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by! Your blog is beautiful. They did a fabulous job transforming the place and I love the stained glass!

Verde Farm said...

Oh Lisa, so the snow is so bad and the road care isn’t dependable--so you all are staying in the camp through winter? WOW--I can not even imagine how that must be. What a wonderful thing that you have this amazing place to go stay. I mean it is amazing. That hot air balloon basket-wow! I love it.The stained glass is too-your husband is an amazing talent. I know you will be extra cozy there while the winter passes. Stay warm and safe my friend.

This comment has been removed by the author.

love country living! Even if I have never really done it...Your fireplace is gorgeous... I'm thinking that it is a very comfortable area to blog in! Nice post.

Entertaining Women said...

Now I get it! This is wonderful. Sweet Mister and some of his friends bought the old hotel in the little Western Oklahoma town where they own land that they use for duck and good hunting. They too turned it into a hunting lodge for themselves complete with big screen. I even took a group of lady friends there once for a long weekend of 'Cropping'...scrapbooks. It's a hoot! I agree with an earlier comment...I wish that they would name it...Journey's Inn...Toler Crossing...Bobwhite Crossing....Bambi's Demise Oh well, I can dream. Thanks for the link and for stopping by my post. Cherry Kay