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Friday, March 18, 2011

A March Meltdown Part 1

Nine days without a post hmmm,
I'm sure our regular followers
have guessed (by now) that we finally 
moved back to our farm.
If you did - you are correct!!

It's been a crazy, busy time around here...
4 days of babysitting
my busy little gooberheads...

They've discovered that making
videos is the funnest thing on the planet
and won't leave me alone...
Please, Please, Please
allright one more.

When we get one that's worthy
of $10,000 on A.F.V.
I'll let y'all know!!


Sall says, "we're moving, it's time, let's go"
Just like that
(yep, that's the way he rolls)
a drop of the hat,
 and we were throwing stuff
in the truck!
4 pickup loads
and one van load 
and we were back home.
It felt good and strange
all at the same time.
What an adjustment to be away
from your home for 9 weeks.
A new experience for me,
and I must say not a pleasant one.
I spent the next 4 days packing up
heavy-duty cleaning!

Me and Mrs. Meyer's
and Mr. Clean all had 
a field day (well, 4 field days)
and got this house back in shape!
Which is why I'm stiff as a board today.
I can tell I've been sittin' all winter!

It's been a rough go and
the last few days have been really strenuous,
thank goodness for good friends...
Sall brought home a care package
filled with goodies

He's doing a remodeling job
and the lady of the house 
sent a basket of banana bread,
gumdrop and ginger cookies!
"Thank you so much, Linda!"
Then he went to the HiWay Store
and Flor sent him home with
some of her homemade Coconut Jam (yum).
Friends are great, thank you Flor!
{Just what the Doctor ordered,
a little comfort food!}

That's what I've we've been up to.

Life just keeps on bringing it,
and I keep cleaning it.

Stay tuned....


The Wife of a Dairyman said...

A.F.V. must be every kids favorite show....it is in our house and so is making videos:) Your kids are so cute!

A Rural Journal said...

It must feel so good to be back home. Missed your posts. :)

Sharon said...

Yah, I kinda figured... Glad you are home and all cleaned up!

They still have AFV? I thought I was watching re-runs! How about that!

texwisgirl said...

Oh happy homecoming! Must feel good. I couldn't stay away that long...

TJB said...

I was just commenting to mom that I was finally able to catch up on blogs and had to ask her if you were ok? :) Glad you are back home and back at the blogging!!

barb said...

Your mother would love the cleaning blog. "Always get your cleaning done first!"