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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Weekend Road Trippin'

Our weekend adventures to the Black Hills
usually mean a weekend catching up with old friends
in Custer.  Sall spent 17 years in the Hills area 
and I spent 2 years living in Custer with him.
We both loved the area...
the climate, the landscape, and the people!
We get seriously homesick for the hills
when we aren't able to get back for so long.

This weekend we had no schedule
and had such a good time visiting with old friends
and driving around the scenic parks and byways...

Tourist season doesn't start for another month,
so traffic was light and it was perfect!
We headed for Custer State Park and the Wildlife Loop....

For today let's just admire 
the great architecture in the park....

Beautiful Blue Bell Lodge

It served as the "Summer White House" for
President Calvin Coolidge in 1927
(I'm providing you links to these lodge's official webpages
so you can feel free to find more interesting history)
I just love their design and architectural presence!

Giant rocks and Ginormous logs
make up all of these historical structures
throughout the park.

The Ranger Station at the end of 
Wildlife Loop road.

All of the buildings were closed
as it is "off" season now.
But, hopefully later on this 
summer we'll be able to return and 
tour some of the interiors of these 
fabulous old structures!

We had a fun and relaxing drive,
admiring the architecture
and the forest 
and the wildlife....

Aspens ~ Cedars ~ Pines

The wildlife blend in
to their natural habitat...
(can you see the whitetail deer?)

We rested by this piece of picturesque workmanship,
Max stuck all four paws into the freezing creek,
then we moved on to where the deer and antelope play...

{my photo altered with Photoshop and Kim Klassen's textures}

Journey back here tomorrow
and we'll roam with the buffalo!

Hope your week is being kind to you!

I'm joining with Kim Klassen for her Texture Tuesday Link Up Party!
Click over to see some great artistic images and get some tips too ~ what fun!!!


heyBJK said...

Great photos, Lisa! I especially like the ranger station, the gate, and the aspens! Beautiful!

BTW, I think I mistakenly called you Sally in one of my blog posts. I'll correct that. My apologies!

Buttons said...

Lisa thanks for the fabulous trip wish I was really there I can see why you love it. Love the song too. B

texwisgirl said...

The 3rd photo is just stunning! The grays and textures of the rock and wood... Of course your last one of the bridge and the effects you added is just beautiful too. :)

Farmchick said...

The last photo is my favorite. But, they are all so beautiful!

paperbird said...

lovely images and use of texture.

barb said...

That bridge looks familiar...does a troll live under it?

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I enjoyed sharing virtually your weekend road trip :)

FishCreekSpinners said...

Been through Custer Park, up out of Nebraska, pretty country, lots of wildlife especially deer, antelope and bison. I remember some stone bridge on a switchback. We drove over it, then wound around and under it. Been to plenty of parkis, but never saw one of those except in Custer. Thanks for post.