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Friday, May 13, 2011

Anticipation and Wedding Day Jitters

I dedicate this post to one very special bride. Tara, may your marriage be as fun
and care-free as you were on your wedding day! Bless you both and thanks again
for everything! 
Auntie L

It was Monday morning and time for a wedding!
Yes, my niece (the bride) wanted
friends and family to come to Florida
for a vacation first and foremost - 
and while we're all here,
we'll have a wedding too!
So after a weekend of fun
and relaxation I woke up at the crack of dawn
and realized there's a ton of work to do!

Mother and Father of the bride
were off to Walmart (again)
for food and supplies, then to get the cake....

It was up to the crew to clean house,
finish decorating, 
AND keeping the BRIDE on schedule!!

The whole gang pitched in...

Before we knew it the work was done!

to get the bride ready...


We summoned Charlie to his post
downstairs and out of Tara's sight.

Now where is she anyway?


Of course,  she's on the beach with a mimosa!

"C'mon my dear your dress is ready
and we don't want to keep your 
groom waiting!"

Janelle and I got suckered into doing her hair.
Since neither of us do anything with our own hair
we were pretty much clueless in this department
but were up for the challenge!
After much curling and pinning and 
some suggestions from the crowd of girlfriends,
we muddled through it!
But, it truly took a village! 
I don't know about Janelle,
but I was
shaking like a leaf when the last 
bobby pin went in!!!
Yep! I was the one with the wedding day jitters at this point.
Thank goodness for a care-free Bride!

We all breathed in 
and started checking off the list...
something borrowed,
something blue

Next was her bouquet....

Her mother's bible that 
she carried down the aisle almost 
39 years ago goes down the aisle 
with Tara today!
Topped with lilies and orchids,
it was a special moment
and the tears are looming!!

Checking list....

Bless his heart, Jeff (our ordained mortician) kept 
the groom occupied and held down until it was time!
Aren't friends great?

Finally and not a minute early,
our bride was ready and eager to 
meet her groom seaside!!

The camera didn't quite catch it,
but she was positively glowing!!!

See you on the beach, Tildy!
to be continued....


Buttons said...

She certainly is glowing what a great day for them. B

TJB said...

Ok, I was able to wave off and suck back the tears on my wedding day due to make up and nothing but happiness, but this broke me! Gosh we sure had fun!! I could not have been as care-free without; you are a true blessing!!!
Lots of love from the newlyweds!!!

texwisgirl said...

she sure was beautiful - and the groom was a very smiling, happy man!