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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Color Your World

Anyone who's spent time with a 3 year old
knows how much energy they can have!

When you can let them loose outside
life is good
when it's rainy

well, let's just say
life can be interesting!

Here at Grandpa and Granny Sall's
we happened to have 
an industrial kitchen that's not in use....

I said "here's some finger paints
and some tag board 
make us some art!"

Grandma's been wanting to 
turn the kitchen into a studio
and Little Picasso got 
to break it in!

Her painting spells only 
last so long - 
and it's on to something else...

Mommy and Daddy have 
some real masterpieces
to display when she gets home
Grandma had a colorful afternoon!!

Wordless Wednesday

Happy Wordless Wednesday!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer Begins

Summer Solstice...

just as I feared
the first day of summer...

 windy and 

Big Surprise Right?

I snapped some pictures
earlier this month of the front porch
so I could share them with
Rhondi at
Rose Colored Glasses,
she's having a Porch Party!!

Everyone is sharing their porches...

Including our cats

They spend more time on the 
porch than we get to!

Another place we 
like to hang is out by the garden
under the grape arbor....

The water splashing into the pond
the birds singing around the garden
make it another 
great summer spot to relax!

Hope your schedule is filled
with fun summertime activities
and plenty of  "Porchtime"

Texture Tuesday with Kim Klassen Cafe

Messy Mosaic Monday

Rain - Rain - and more Rain!

We're making mud pies
chocolate floats!

Then it was time 
for some artwork...
(I guess the mud was inspiring!)

This was my post for Mosaic Monday...

I'm only a day behind,
our Grand-daughter is 
keeping Grandma busy, busy!

Pie anyone?

Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day Fun

It was a memorable Father's Day...

a MUCH Older Sall
turns 70 today!

We all celebrated ...

It was fun and shocking
to see how much all the cousins 
have grown up!

Domino's day
was filled with 
and new memories
of her cousins
on the Sall side of the family...

She did not want to leave the party

but, we convinced her
Max was home all alone
and missing her...

Grandpa and his girl
came home and 
did a little practice fishing

The two goof balls love their bonding time!!

Hope your Father's Day was 
filled with love and laughter!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Missouri River Flooding

We were forwarded a link to some really good pictures
of the Missouri River flooding...

They really help to grasp the enormity of this flood!

I appreciate Larry Geiger sharing his photos
and am passing them along in hopes that more
people will see them and donate to the Red Cross.

Click this link to see his photos:


Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden Report

How's your garden growing?

We DOWN-SIZED the garden this year
in a BIG way!

We decided we 
really weren't harvesting 
very much "HAPPINESS"...

just bushels of stress and back aches!

Besides, I'd rather shop at the 
farmer's market -
(much less sweat involved!!!)

We planted the essentials...
and so far ~ so good
no chemical kill,
no frost,
no flood!
if the mosquitoes
don't walk away with it all
it should be a good harvest!
Knock on wood...
storms with hail
are coming through tonight???

Hope your veggies are growing strong!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Play Time

Just me and Domino...

She says to me, "Gramma I'm goin' on four" (holding up three fingers)

And to myself I say, "Hold on to this moment - she'll be 14 in a heartbeat!"

Today she thought riding along
with Grandma and going
to the park was cool!

shopping for gum
and suckers -

GRANDMA did not think the strawberry
push pop in the car was very cool!

Back when I was 3, it would've 
meant a spit bath on the side of the road!
 Riding in the car covered 
in Grandma's spit listening to
her cussing in German would not 
have been cool!

What's a cool gramma to do??? 

Que Sera, Sera,

Summer Vacation

We have a little visitor
this week...

10 days at the farm
with Grandma & Grandpa


We are off to Walmart
for more popsicles,
gum, peanut butter,
and playdoh!

(My, how the grocery list
changes when there
are little people around!!!)

Hope your Tuesday is 

Monday, June 13, 2011

Is It Summer Yet?

How is your summer so far?

Ours has been GREAT!

So much fun before it's even begun...

Happy Mosaic Monday, friends!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Up, Up, and Away

We loaded up the wagon
and headed west!

Well, NOT really!
We took the truck, but,
We did have to stop for donuts at Wall Drug
and while we were there
get our picture taken on the 
old covered wagon!

Monday morning Sall had some 
business to do in Custer, so I called up our 
friend, Steve Bauer with Black Hills Balloons,
to see if his balloon was
going up today...

Sure enough, the weather was perfect
and I even got to fill an empty spot
in the basket in exchange for
a little free advertising!

"If  you  are not doing anything
come along 
on a hot air balloon adventure!"


after this post,
I promise, you will
be clicking over to our 
sponsor's website (Black Hills Balloons)
to make a reservation
for the REAL ride of your life!!!!!!!!

They took us to a beautiful meadow
where they could spread out 
this magnificent balloon.

It started to erupt like a huge 
monster at first....

Then one by one,
the beautiful colors...

The crew holds 
on to the ropes
and keeps the fabric
from falling inward...

Two huge fans start inflating....

Then 195 MILLION BTU's of
heat start to warm it up...

Our Pilot and 7 passengers
jumped aboard the 8 passenger basket...
(yep, that's me looking at the camera
smiling like an excited little kid)

More fire... 
(which I thought was
 going to burn the curls right off my head)
I definitely recommend
wearing a hat on your ride!

and suddenly our feet were 
rising off the ground!

good bye land...

good bye chase crew...
see you soon, hopefully!

Higher and Higher...
we bopped up and down
anywhere between 60 to 1500 feet
It was so quiet you could 
hear a pine needle drop!

Our shadow followed us
over the beautiful Black Hills forest...

The wildlife would see us 
and scurry to shelter...

(Lower left - Notice our shadow and how small it's getting?)
1500 feet high plus the altitude at 
Custer, South Dakota is 5,300 feet
That puts me at 6,800 feet
with nothing but hot air
and wicker!
No wonder I was speechless!

Stunning vistas of the Black Hills of South Dakota,
we could see for miles!

We saw unbelievable 
rock formations!
You can't see this from your car!

Can you see Crazy Horse Mountain?
that's 15 miles away

Our pilot took us way up high (a little breezy up there)
then we would just drift and come down to forest level again
and literally grab a pine cone off the top of a 60 foot pine tree!
"Be quick here comes one now!"

We covered 5 miles in the fastest
hour of my life.
The whole time I was in awe of 
the whole adventure,
and did not want it to ever end.

I had to snap myself out of it,
(as we descended from the sky)
and met up with our land crew once again.
Suddenly the whole safety issue was
far from my mind and all I was thinking 
about was the peaceful moments
spent up high looking down on the forest.

I braced myself for whatever kind of
bumpy landing we will have...

and even that was perfect!

Walter, our pilot, set us back
on the earth so gently it made 
me want to give him a hug...
Because that was the flight of a lifetime,
one of those experiences that 
makes you feel great to be alive!

Our shadow landed with us...
in the middle of somebody's tractor cemetery.

Seriously, I thought I died and woke up
in tractor Heaven!
(but, that's another post)

Our crew grabbed the basket and the lines
and we got to deplane (as the flight attendant would say)
and watch our
aerostatic (that's a fancy name for hot air balloon) vessel

It was memorable!!

95 foot tall 77 feet across!

Walter pulls the Red line and down she goes!

I hate folding laundry - how'd you like to fold this baby up?

To celebrate our great adventure
Walter serves us champagne...

turns out, it's a 200 year old French tradition!

(I always did like the French)

Walter told the intriguing story of 
how ballooning all began in France and 
how they celebrated surviving the 
first balloon flight some 200 years ago!

Just hearing about the whole
legend from Walter was like 
listening to Will Rogers tell a story!

What a glorious adventure and fun morning
this has been!

Seriously, this was right up there with 
climbing Mt. Everest!
(I have yet to do that, but I would compare the two, I'm sure)

a truly magical experience 
everyone should do once in their lifetime!

I highly recommend Black Hills Balloons ~
their pilots are some of the best in the world
and flying over the Black Hills in South Dakota
is an experience like none other in the world!

A HUGE Thank you to Steve Bauer...
I hope this post brings him 
some future adventurists!

Have a beautiful day, my blogging friends!

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