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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Garden Report

How's your garden growing?

We DOWN-SIZED the garden this year
in a BIG way!

We decided we 
really weren't harvesting 
very much "HAPPINESS"...

just bushels of stress and back aches!

Besides, I'd rather shop at the 
farmer's market -
(much less sweat involved!!!)

We planted the essentials...
and so far ~ so good
no chemical kill,
no frost,
no flood!
if the mosquitoes
don't walk away with it all
it should be a good harvest!
Knock on wood...
storms with hail
are coming through tonight???

Hope your veggies are growing strong!


texwisgirl said...

liked your 'not harvesting much happiness'. ha! :)

lisa said...

My gardens are growing very slowly. The weather has been somewhat uncooperative, but hopefully it will get better.

Great photos!

That corgi :) said...

I recognized those yellow flowers as tomato buds! I'm with you; keep it simple and enjoy farmer markets! no garden here this year :)


TJB said...

Due to weather and weed take over, I get to replant my garden this weekend. :( I am really hoping to get a decent tomato crop yet so I can learn mom's salsa recipe. :)