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Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm finally seeing the point of our long winter....it was for resting up! Now that spring is here so is the work! If there were 6 of me, I'd get things done a lot faster. Farmer Sall has been planting garlic and onions, but not before a major cleanup of the garden. The tomatoes in the greenhouse are now getting carried outside everyday for a little exercise in hardiness. The perennials are all getting uncovered and a little shot of bulb booster. The mowers could be running non-stop, as we finished one mow and it's time to do it again...I haven't even got the weed eater out of storage yet!! I'm still helping the family of 6 down the road. Four little kids, the mom has her hands full. This bench was a project I did for them. It went from dull and lifeless, to a nice place to sit and put your shoes on in their entry. I went on desperate search for something blooming yesterday. It seems I'm really missing my annual trip to the big greenhouse this time of year. I'll just have to be patient! In the meantime, keep working so when the flowers do come, I can sit down and enjoy them.

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