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Monday, April 26, 2010

It's time for some little helpers to show up at the Sall Farm!
These little boots belong to Domino.
Everytime we talk to her on the phone, she gets all excited.
She wants to come to the farm and "chill out".
And of course the first thing Grandpa will have to do
is fire up the tractor and take her for a ride!
I can't wait to see how he's going to fit 3 grandkids
on his knee, cause they're all going to want a ride
at the same time!!
Little Zelda will be sleeping through the rides this summer yet.

Wyatt won't know what to think about tractors and farms.
Grandpa will have to teach him all about it!

"It's so much fun, going to the farm!"
So much to do....
play in the dirt
collect rocks
ride the tractor
swing in the hammock
swim in the pool
mow the grass
pull the weeds
run in the corn rows
blow bubbles
ride in the wagon
play with Max
chase the chickens
find the cats.......
I'm so glad she likes to come to the farm and "chill out"! HaHa.

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