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Sunday, April 25, 2010

UMM,MMM,MMM! It's asparagus season in south Hand County!! I can't believe as a child, I hated it and asparagus hunting!! I thought it was the most boring thing my parents ever thought of. Back then we didn't even have to worry about ticks. Now you step off the road and you can expect to find 3 to 5 ticks on you before the nights over, yuck! But, ohhhh that asparagus is worth it. Of course I only came to love it because the restaurants charge an arm and a leg for it. If it wasn't expensive I'd probably still refuse to eat it! I still remember my first encounter with asparagus as an adult....I ordered the Beef Oscar at one of Huron's better restaurants...I almost picked off the asparagus, but instead actually tried it and loved it!! The most tenderette fillet mignon topped with asparagus and drizzled with hollandaise sauce, I thought I died and went to heaven!! Since then I've been a huge fan of asparagus!
So, this Sunday morning, we enjoyed a breakfast version of beef oscar....Ham on english muffin topped with a farm fresh egg over easy topped with asparagus drizzled with hollandaise sauce. Oh, and that is some homemade chokecherry jam on my extra english muffin. Is your mouth watering???

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