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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Another Venture

My welcome kit arrived a week ago and I've been itching to sit down and study it all.
It's like getting a Christmas package in the mail, but not able to touch it until Christmas!!
Today I finally delved in and I'm so excited, probably won't sleep tonight...thinking about all the creative possibilities.
Hopefully, others will be as excited as I and do some ordering!!!!
If not, I'll be my own best customer and have a lot of fun in the process!
In the mean time, the grass is growing, the pickle kitchen needs a cleaning, need to post more items on Etsy....let's see anything else???
No wonder time flies...I'm having way too much fun!

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barb said...

You go girl! Good luck, I'm checking out my walls already... b

TJB said...

We have the paint and as soon as it is on the bedroom walls, I will be searching for a "Always Kiss Me Goodnight" lettering. But it may require installation by a certain favorite aunt!!! Would there be an extra charge for that??????