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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Can we have a little heat please?

One lone pansy thriving under the front porch. Pansies love shade and cool weather. Guess I should've planted all pansies this year! So far, about all we've had is cloudy, cool weather.

Took a drive to town today and couldn't believe the water standing everywhere...lush green in every direction....
Every farmer has some amount of water standing in their fields.

My faithful dog, Max, will never turn down a chance to go for a walk...no matter how bad the mosquitoes are.
Thank goodness for a little sunshine between the clouds today. A lot more heat and a lot more wind is a requirement at this point.
With our new (pond) off the front yard, it's interesting listening to the birds singing competition with the frogs croaking.
South Dakota, the land of extreme. From drought to flood, there doesn't ever seem to be that perfect year. You know, that year the snow quit on December 25th, the rain came in April, the corn grew to 10 feet tall, and everyone was happy????????

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