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Tuesday, June 22, 2010


94 on my shady front porch this afternoon....55 humidity!!
This was a corn growin', cucumber growin', sweat rollin' off of your forehead kinda day!!
I was hot and miserable, but did not complain once all day.  This is just what the gardener ordered.
 "Bring it on!"
Unfortunately, heat and humidity is what storms are made of and that's just what they're predicting tonight.
So I'll say a little prayer and close up my car windows (if I don't, it's a guarantee it'll rain), and try to sleep peacefully.  Let nature take it's course, I guess.
One step into the cucumber patch and I nearly lost my shoes!!
Guess I'll give it a little more drying time.
The cukes are actually looking good for as wet as it is.
I couldn't get to the bigger ones on the other end. 
Even the peppers are looking better after their lift.
Look "knee hi" by June 22nd!! No, it doesn't rhyme, so what.
A very busy bee.  Just watching him made me sweat.
Like I said, HOT and HUMID!  But, every plant outside was enjoying the sunshine today.

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