Scentsy and Snakes

The Pickle Queen stepped out of the box this weekend and had a fun time at the Outdoor Expo in Huron. My friend Jen needed some help at her "Scentsy" booth so I said "SURE". The rainy weather didn't help to bring mobs to the Expo, but we still saw lots of people come by the booth and sold some product.

We tried our best to stay focused on selling wickless candles, with the Nature Adventurers and their snakes in the booth right next to us. Yes, I said SNAKES!! With a 7'-8' Black Rat Snake and a bull python around their necks, they were pretty entertaining and educational, to say the least.
Only one customer had to leave our booth in the middle of our pitch, "it's too close for me", she

They were great to be next to, super nice people and real crowd pleasers!
Todd and Terri are on PBS every Sunday....
Nature Adventures
check out their website:

Kids and adults were enthralled with the snakes and the turtles.

They answered 100's of questions about snakes and reptiles.

An exhausting 2 days of selling and pitching and promoting.
I'm just getting practiced up for the pickle promo tour!!


barb said…
Oh! I covered them for the newspaper when did a presentation at the school. I kept thinking snakes I can stand, but when they bring out a mouse I'm out of here...b
Anonymous said…
sick seriously

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