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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Singing me a tune

My absolute favorite thing about living in the country is hearing the meadowlark's song
check out this great website to learn more about birds and their calls.
After the rain had cleared out, I could not believe the bird noise.  We tried to count the different species and we estimate about 20 different species in our yard right now.  I just wished I had a way to record it and play it on the blog right now.  Everyone should just take an hour to shut off life's noise and just listen to nature!!

Steve stood on the road and tried to get Max to dive for a rock he threw into the water.
It took awhile....

and then he finally got it!

A light northwest wind yesterday, today a southeast wind....tomorrow it's gonna blow 50 mph!
Never thought I'd welcome a 50 mph wind, but we need to dry out!
Blow wind blow!!

1 comment:

TJB said...

Keep the wind there! We had it last week and it made for a very boring softball game in the outfield. :) Today is rainy and gloomy here again, but my garden is loving it. Im so excited to finally have a garden, nothing compared to yours, but should at least produce a couple of meals for us. LOL.