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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


When something is just not ready to be, there just isn't a thing you can do but, just wait.

Our cucumber vines are slowly making their way to producing some sizable pickles. We want to be able to go through the rows and fill up several bushel baskets!  The waiting is eating at us both.  Patience, patience, patience.  

In the mean time ....weed, weed, weed.
The rains we've had are keeping the ground too wet to till and the weeds are taking advantage.
So far the weeds 10
the Salls 0
So we keep on our toes weeding, dusting for bugs, and watering.
And now (add to our preventative gardening techniques) stay on Coon Patrol!!
Some sweet corn laying on the ground this morning half eaten means the raccoons found our corn.
What they don't know is that we own guns and don't tolerate raccoons in our sweet corn.

Our sweet corn miraculously stood up after the last 60 m.p.h. wind came through.  Don't think we're going to let some crafty little raccoons spoil it for us now!!

We are days away from another unbelievably good veggie to add to our dinner plate.
Corn on the cob
Red ripe tomatoes
Cucumber salad
New Potatoes
If it weren't for the Bacon on my B.L.T., I could seriously become a vegetarian right now!
Stay tuned on the "Raccoon Saga"....

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barb said...

Oh no! I'm picturing that full moon running through your garden in the pitch dark with gun in hand...