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Friday, July 2, 2010

Family, Food, and Fun on the Farm

Little Zelda's not too crazy about our wind, but neither are we!  It's been blowing 25 - 30 mph here since the kids arrived. We're just hoping for a break for the big fireworks show Sunday night.  I think if it calms down any night in between we better seize the opportunity!

Luckily, there's a few places we can tuck in out of the wind....
this was some snuggle time under the grape arbor.

These crazy boys couldn't wait for the pool to warm up....
Diving into 50 degree water is not my idea of fun (even if it is 90 degrees outside)
They described it as an uplifting experience.

Ohhhh, you just can't beat the great food....baby back ribs and deviled eggs (with a slice of Sallfarm Pickle)!!


barb said...

okay...ribs beat chili dogs, your pool is bigger, our kids hate deviled eggs so there ain't goin to be none of them, I'm picking up the gran-girlies and coming to your place! You got Swishers?

TJB said...

Yummm......I will bring the Swishers!!! Got margaritas??