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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Farewell New York!

After 3 years in the "Big Apple" our son Eric and his wife Rachel have decided to move back to the Midwest.
This week they are struggling through mounds of stuff to pack up and dealing with the daunting task of hauling it all down 3 flights of stairs onto a truck and driving half way across the U.S. to Kansas City, MO.  We would love to be there helping them in their time of need, if only it weren't pickle season and things were easier!!  So good luck, you two.  Keep cool and keep packin", you can do it!!!!!

We were lucky enough to go visit them in N.Y.C.
It was an incredible trip.  They showed us the sights, as native New Yorkers.  We couldn't have had better tour guides.  

It was our first time there, so we went to all the typical hot tourist spots.

Off we went, in our typical tourist garb...camera and credit card ready!

The famous Katz's deli...where Harry met Sally!

Ellis Island....found a possible link to Sall's grandmother arriving here!!
Chilling experience, the history here is mind-boggling!

Rockefeller Center...seen where all the news stations film.

The Empire State Building.  

Walked around downtown Manhattan.  

Had a wonderful picnic in Central Park.
Seen all the sights we could in 5 days.  Way too much in too little time, absolutely incredible.
Thanks again, Eric and Rachel.  All the walking, all the sight-seeing, all incredible but,
I think our most favorite memory is hanging out on their fire escape and enjoying the view of the East River.
Quiet, peaceful, relaxing and what a view!

I'm sure, this too is what Eric and Rachel will miss the most about leaving New York.
That, and all the wonderful friends they found in the last 3 years!!
Now they have little Wyatt to think about.  Grandmas and Grandpas and Aunts and Uncles are all waiting for them in the Midwest. 

 Hopefully, they will visit back east often and all of their friends will visit them in K.C.
Best Wishes you three, you deserve happiness wherever your moving truck takes you!!!!!

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barb said...

Gosh I hope I get to see those new grand-babies and Domino soon! b