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Friday, July 2, 2010

Granny's Visit

We had another nice visit with Steve's mom, Erden.
Nicki and Jim and Sara all took a little vacation time and left Granny at the farm with us.
She really doesn't like the long drive, it takes her a full day to recuperate from that!
But, she does love to reminisce with Steve.
We got out some old pictures and that kept her busy for hours.  She seems to be quite content with Jim and Nicki .  She doesn't like getting too far from Sioux Falls and her church.  They are wonderful for giving her a safe place to be in this late period of her life.  She's gotten very frail and keeps on walking as much as she can. She says her time here isn't much longer and she's fine with that!
  God Bless her, we love her dearly!
On the return trip, I stepped outside the Nelson house to find beautiful flowers all around the house.  I had to snap this picture of the HUGE hydrangeas and astilbe.  Nicki definitely has that Sall green thumb!

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