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Monday, July 12, 2010

Pickle Season 2010

Another pickle crop is getting closer and closer to reality.  We've been busy getting everything ready and gearing up for our best year ever.  
Today, the website got tuned up for ordering directly via Paypal.  
Everyone on Facebook has been notified....
so, the word is spreading

Ready to pick!

Vines are spreading out.
Dill is getting closer......

It's getting very close to being a cucumber invasion at the Sall Farm!
Everywhere you look...a little yellow blossom and another cucumber is born.
We are anxiously waiting to fill our own bushel baskets, but in the meantime, the local colony called with a surplus of cukes.  So at 4:00 this afternoon we were in the kitchen preparing jars, peeling garlic, etc.  It was amazing how it felt like we were doing this just last week!!  It all came back to us and in a few hours we had processed 72 quarts of beautiful Sall Farm Deluxe Kosher Dill Pickles.

In a few weeks, after appropriate "brew" time, these will be ready for delivery.
Mmmmm, I'm cravin' one now!!!

1 comment:

barb said...

rah rah pickles! Gooo pickles! Would you believe our gran-girlie's love pickles? Crazy kids would probably pick a pickle over grannies cupcakes? b