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Friday, July 23, 2010

When Things Get Rough

Okay, so when things get a little stressful? Go to "their" perspective!!
No one has it better than the pets on Sall Farm. Three cats: Maddy, Lucy, and Socks, and one golden retriever; Max.  They live like kings and queens, no worries no stress.....
"Looks like it's going to rain, head for the barn."
"Is that thunder? Head for the house!!"
"Thunder & Lightening?  Head for their bed!!!"
And that's where we usually all ride out the storm.
So, Wednesday early evening there was another torrential storm brewing, all three cats are in the house.
I'm watching the radar and see nothing disturbing.  So I continue to do what I do in the evening, waste countless hours away on the computer.  The hard rain comes and passes over us.  I'm thinking, "phweww, no hail, we were lucky again!"  Then Sall gives me his grave news," the sweet corn is toast!" 
"How can that be? I didn't hear any hail? What about the cucumbers?"
"The cucumbers look fine, but my 7' tall sweet corn is flattened!"
"Ughhhhh, just another stressful night at the Sall Farm" 

So, the next morning the sun is shining and all of our pets are out and about carelessly enjoying the morning sun.  I decide it's not worth it!  Stress over some corn? So what if it's horizontal, we can still pick it. It'll just be a little more difficult to pick.  I gathered up my optimism and started taking pictures of my carefree feline friends and suddenly I was feeling better too. 

Sometimes it's just best to look at the world through someone else's perspective (even if it's a cat or dog)

Step back...take a breather....take 5....chill out!!
The storm will pass, the damages are accessed, then the bright side will appear.

and yes, there is always a bright side!

"Hello, Rainbows!!!!"

I've learned more from my pets that 100 therapists combined!  
Trust, loyalty, and integrity what more do you need to live a happy life?
They are your best friend and the perfect role models.

1 comment:

TJB said...

Great post! I 100% agree that pets are the best therapists and best friends a person can have. How can you stay sad or angry or stressed with a fuzzy nose on your lap and big brown eyes (or green) staring up at you. :)