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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Wishin' We Were Fishin'

All of the boys were lucky enough to go fishing with Stanley last summer.
Stanley has a pontoon fishing boat and regularly takes people out on the Missouri River by Ft. Thompson.  I don't know of anyone that knows fishing like Stanley knows fishing!!  He is the "boss".
Everyone got to catch some, not sure if they were all keepers, but it really didn't matter if they had to toss one back.  The experience of being on the water, casting that line, and just hanging with the boys was priceless!!

(Eric with his catch, Stanley, and Beniah)


(Mike and Beniah)

All of us girls stayed home and did our projects, while the boys chilled out on the river.
They were lucky enough to have one of those dream S.D. days where it's calm and sunny, yet cool.
You know, one of those two perfect days we get per year in South Dakota!

This one is a "keeper". 
"Good Job, Sully!"
18" is the required length on small mouth bass.
They all came home with plenty of fish tales, a cooler full of bass and walleye, and memories to last a life time!


barb said...

Hey! You stole that fish from Dave's camper didn't you? Looks like the very same one that sings, "Take me to the River, drop me in the water..."

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Hi Lisa, great pictures!

Thanks for signing up for the Rooster Party. See you on Friday, August 6th. Sure hope you have a wonderful time.

I have some giveaways for the Party if you are interested...they are listed on my sidebar.

Barb ♥

Emily said...

Hey! not all the girls stayed behind! In fact I believe I caught the MOST fish that day!
"fish on"