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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Blurr of Pickles

"Running on empty" and falling behind seems to be the trend here at the pickle farm.
It's all caught up to us and the two of us are having a real hard time staying the course....
The weeds have, well let's just say, the weeds are now in control.  I surrender, there's not enough time in the rest of the summer to pull them.  The cucumber patch is in full throttle, we have all we can do to get them picked and pickled the same day.  The heat is relentless!  90 degrees by 9:00, too deadly to be picking cucumbers.  And when the heat finally knocks you down, the gigantic mosquitoes will carry you away.
Oh well, every great success story had it's share of challenges right?
So we'll keep plugging away...
hoping for cooler weather,
 and some wind to keep the mosquitoes away.
As long as the phone keeps ringing with pickle orders and happy customers,
we'll keep on pickling!!

1 comment:

barb said...

Why does a jar of pickles always remind me of Grandma T? She was the ultimate old German cook wasn't she? sis