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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Vacation Memories

Wow, it's August already, suddenly I'm realizing summer is going to be over soon!
The kids will be back in school in 3 weeks!!
What happened to summer? And what happened to those summers I remember as a kid?
The ones where we actually went on a vacation??
(Note to Self: We really didn't think this pickle business out very well. 
Summer = cucumbers = JUNE/JULY/AUGUST)
"Guess we'll take that vacation in January."

My parents made sure we all got to go somewhere every summer!
They weren't expensive far-away destinations...
sometimes just camping at a nearby park!

Living in South Dakota made it really easy to just drive west across the state to the beautiful Black Hills.
This was a photo opp. at the Badlands circa 1957...
Mom and my 4 siblings (before I came into the big picture)

I can't imagine packing for four children for a week's vacation (much less paying for it)!

Some years, the "vacation" may have just been a Sunday drive to Wall, South Dakota.
It was good enough for 4 wild kids, to just get to ride the stuffed bucking bronco!

This was at Dennis the Menace Park in Sioux Falls.

A ten minute drive from Lennox to Sioux Falls with 4 wild kids was probably all the vacation they could afford (both financially and mentally). Enough to send anyone off the deep end don't you think?


barb said...

Yup, just like always, the big bro had to be the one behind the wheel... sis

TJB said...

I have picture of mom on the bucking bronco on a shirt! :) I think we should add an extra month in this year?!