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Monday, August 2, 2010

Children Of The Corn, Come Gather

Yep, It's ready!

Sweet corn season is here!!
IT IS TIME, and we are picking it and eating it and eating it and eating it!  We plant enough to share with friends and family to eat,eat,eat, and we sell it to the local grocery stores!!! Yes, that's a lot of sweet corn.  When we think we've had enough fresh corn, then we start putting it up in freezer bags for the off season.  We can put up enough corn for 4 families to last until the 2011 crop is ready to do it again!  That whole process will be another blog post in the future.
It's such a shame the season doesn't last any longer.  We always plant a couple different varieties of corn to make it last. Our early crop is  ready right now.  So, get out the little corn handles.  Oh, you know the little tiny corn cobs that push into the ends of the cob.  I personally don't use them, but have guests that specifically ask for them.  I guess they don't like butter running down their arm like I do.  

Boil in water 8 minutes, drain well.
Smother with butter and salt....
Surround with red ripe tomato slices, and serve with a deluxe hamburger off the grill.
Super Summer Supper!!  That's what I call it.

See, no handles, just hands on good summer time eating!

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barb said...

I know where you live and i know what time you go to bed and what time you get up! And I know where that corn patch is...