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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Hunting in Heaven

As hunting season approaches, it makes me miss our sweet Josie!
The sweetest dog I've ever known and the best hunting partner a guy could ever have....She and I were walking partners...she would beg me with her eyes to take her for walks.
But, hunting was her passion and she would start getting antsy this time of year.  Sall would get out the bullets and the shot gun and suddenly I was old news.  

Josie was Max's mentor....
they did everything together.

Most people thought they were Mother and Son, 
but they were just best buds.

She was a loyal and true friend to all of us in this family.

Always at your side in good times and in bad.

Poor Max misses her dearly and is doomed to hanging out with cats now.

I know....a sad ending!

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