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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


With 3 new photo editing programs downloaded, I can barely eat or sleep...
all I want to do is play with pictures on the computer!!!

but, first things first

"Get your work done, then you can play" is what Mother always said.

Salsa was the priority today...
the tomatoes are still ripening and one can never have enough "SAllsa" on the pantry shelves.
23 pints so far, that might make it until Super Bowl time!

Steve installed a door in-between rooms out in our pickle barn.
That meant a saw dusty mess for me to clean up.
That was my second priority today.
Sorry, no pictures. That is a work in progress, and not very impressive YET!
Some day it will be my show-place/guest house....some day!!!

Another gorgeous Fall day here on the farm....
I think my favorite Fall decorations are the quilted runners my mother made.
I love the colors, and they make the house feel all cozy and warm!

My fun began when all my work was finished. 

I love play time!!

Speaking of play time....
the countdown to opening day of  Pheasant Season 2010 has begun.

18 days and counting...

Happy Tuesday!!

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barb said...

Very nice, tell me that isn't the bro in shorts!And with his chicken bike. Hope he sees this.