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Monday, October 18, 2010

Blogger Don't Fail Me Now

I've been having some serious issues with Blogger??
Adding images is super slow...will only let me add one at a time.
Some followers are getting my text all vertical, and some are normal?
Anyone having technical difficulties?
Let's hope this post is fine.....

It's Mosaic Monday and with all my troubles, I'm a little slow today.
But, had to put some hunting photos together, the weather was beautiful
and the hunting was successful!

A Fall Pheasant Hunt in South Dakota....
It doesn't get much better!


A hunter from Kentucky reminded me about Henry David Thoreau
 and told me of his great influence on our history.
Thoreau's words say a lot to me...
I'm a simple gal and the simpler things are the better life is!

Happy Monday
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