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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

No Rest For the Weary

I'm having a terrible time trying to learn Photoshop Elements by myself!!
I've been reading the Missing Manual, and watching online tutorials and just can't get it!
Every time I get into it and try a project I end up throwing my hands up in frustration
 and hitting the Close button.
And of course it doesn't help that I'm trying to learn something so complex in between other projects.
Maybe I should just give it a rest until that first 3 day blizzard comes calling?

Meanwhile, I'll keep playing with the "cheap" programs I have...
I recently added Picnik to my toy basket! Fun, Fun, Fun!!
I love that it was FREE, but I wanted more and went for the premium upgrade (still cheap)!

All this brought me to a better understanding of a program I already had...Corel Paint.
I've been playing with that for about a year and never knew how the layers worked!
It's not as complex as Photoshop, more for Dummies like me.

And that is how I've created my first two layered masterpieces!

Today's project was a very old picture from my Grandma's house....
I was an adult before I learned that this was not a painting of my deceased Grandfather. 
Well, it looked like him! 
Now I just can't part with that old man praying because it conjures up too many memories.
Today I took a picture of our front yard and layered it with Grandpa.

I see my grandfather praying for us, our land, and our future on this prairie.

What do you see?


Lavender Cottage said...

I think Photoshop is beyond my capabilities too. The layered photo you created is awesome.
And yes, I see a grandfather in prayer for possibly harmony on earth.

barb said...

Sis, this picture always spoke to me, "I'm weary Lord, bring me home." And I remember vividly the day grandpa was called home. He was a quiet man but a huge presence in our lives. b