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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Huron South Dakota

Saturday I spent the day at the Fall Festival!!
   There was a good attendance....mostly kids!!

My booth was next to the Coffee shop booth.

The treasure hay stack was a popular place!
Kids were digging for coins in the hay all day!
Something about these two faces looked oddly familiar to me, I just couldn't place it??? 

These two master pumpkin carvers were having a good ol' time.When I told them they were going to be on my blog, they just laughed and said "your what?" I think this may be their first blog exposure.

No fancy layering or photoshop editing on this picture....this race car scene is actually painted on the side of this brick building.

Huron has several murals painted on buildings scattered all around the downtown area.
They are quite stunning!
(I've included a link to a YouTube video that shows all the murals in Huron at the end of this post)

Since there were so many kids activities, my pickle booth was not very busy.
I think I should've been a balloon twister.....
his line of customers was a block long!!!

Can you spot Miss South Dakota in this picture?

The gals at the YMCA booth were still upbeat after their pumpkin-slingshot broke.
When life hands you lemons...make lemonade, right?

At the park.....
more fall stuff....

a lot of local businesses made Fall/Halloween scenes at the park....
here are some of my favorites....

Hope you are having a fun Fall!

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