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Friday, October 22, 2010

A Touch of Nature

The days are getting chillier here, most of my flowers have said their goodbyes for the year.
This little gazania is by my front door, and just like the energizer bunny, keeps going and going.

The days are still sunny though and makes me wish I'd been more diligent and covered those flowers...
I'd still be enjoying them right now.
Oh well, I know where there is a beautiful garden full of bloomers yet.
(bloomers as in the floral sense!)

Here are some photos taken at Shakespeare Garden in Wessington Springs, South Dakota
A beautiful spot maintained by some very dedicated volunteers in the Wessington Springs area.

Most of the garden beds are in full bloom yet....
The snapdragons are stunning!! They like cool weather.

It's the perfect spot for peace and reflection!
So peaceful you can hear birds singing!

Every area has a multitude of shimmering color!

After a stroll through the garden you can tour the cottage and learn of it's history.
With it's thatched roof, it is quite picturesque!
You can even be served High Tea if you please.

the other beautiful structure at the garden is the Grape Arbor.
I believe Fall is it's crowning season!

It is hard to guess how many people have made the drive
 to Wessington Springs to enjoy this special place.
People from all over the world have been awed by it's grace and beauty!

After all, Shakespeare said it himself....
"A Touch of Nature Makes the Whole World Kin"

If you would like to learn more about the 
Wessington Springs' Shakespeare Garden
click on the Cottage Button on my sidebar.

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Verde Farm said...

LIsa, thank you so much for sharing these gorgeous photos. What a garden it is. I would love to visit. Gardens are my thing and I love to tour them. Have you ever been to Buechart Gardens (not sure of spelling) in Victoria, BC--it is phenonmenal too. Gorgeous. I'm enjoying following you blog!!

Karen said...

Lisa, thank you for sharing such beauty with us for Fertilizer Friday. The snapdragons are so pretty, I will have to make a note to tour this garden when I visit South Dakota!