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Friday, October 22, 2010

A Tree, A Camera, and A Computer

I love inspirational quotes and verses.
This one finds the meaning in hardship.
Whenever I find myself struggling and asking "why me"...this is a good answer.
I should be bench pressing about 300#'s by now!!

Don't you love how this photograph transpired from this photograph?.....

Aren't computers amazing????


Verde Farm said...

Love the quote and your photo is amazing. Do you use Photo Shop?

Lisa said...

I love Love your first image. What a blessing.
Beautiful Beautiful blog you have.
Im now going to tag along if you dont mind.
Lisa RedWillow

Suzy said...

Oh what a wonderful quote...I need to hear that right now in my life.
Yes, computers ARE amazing. All that is to be learned at your fingertips is addicting!