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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Fall is Givin' Me the Chills

Yesterday we woke up to FROST!!
29 Degrees - Yuck!!!

Fortunately, the sun came out and it warmed up!!
But, still....FROST!!!!

Today the winter blankets are coming out of Granny's trunk!!

I love every one of my quilts...they all have a special story!

The wedding ring quilt I bought at an antique shop long before I ever got married!
It was made by the ladies of a local colony.  I just couldn't resist it.

This purple afghan was made for me by my sister soon after she just got married.
She thought I needed a purple afghan to go with my purple gingham bedroom.
It was the sweetest room I ever had.

This beauty was made by my mother.  Can you believe she hand stitched all those x's, 
hand quilted it too.  It's much too special to use!

This little baby afghan was also hand made.  
I just thought the colors were pretty
in this room....No Baby on the way HERE!!

All of these pretty blankets to choose from.....
and I'll go back to my old woolie blanket with the moose and bear on it.
(it's the only one I'll let the cats share with us)

I will be using my new blue slippers though...
My sister made them especially for me, and boy are they toasty!

I may have to request another pair or two to last me the long winter!!

Time to get prepared...you know what's coming!!

Cozy up to someone you love....

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