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Saturday, November 13, 2010

About As Wild As It Gets

The wildlife is abundant here in South Dakota....
Not the crazy-party kind of wild life...
but, the calming-bird-singing-nature-sounds-frog-jumping-
where the deer and the antelope play kind of wildlife!!!

Sall has even put down the shot gun and ventured out with me and the cameras!
Everywhere we drive, we are seeing deer, pheasants, hawks, owls, ducks and geese.

There is more water standing in these parts than ever,
so naturally the ducks are plentiful, 
however you have to be fast if you want to catch one on camera!

Last night we spotted these pheasants up in the tree (which is a little unusual)
maybe there was a coyote lurking in the corn?

They had to be either very scared or very stupid...
they just sat there watching us watching them.

I love watching the cedar wax wings through my kitchen window.
These fellas and a wood pecker have been munching 
on the cedar berries for a few weeks now.  
I hope there are enough berries to carry them through the winter,
my guess is they'll be moving on when the cold winter winds come. 

I hope you have a chance to get out and enjoy a little "wildlife"!!

Have a Happy Weekend!


Verde Farm said...

Lisa, what a beautiful photo of the pheasants. They are gorgeous. I never knew Cedar Waxwings were that big. How neat. Great pictures and love the quote!

Ryan said...

I gotta agree. The Waxwings are huge! But I like the pictures of the Pheasants. Very nice post.

The Average Joe Fisherman

Kara Bradeen said...

I would believe those pheasants probably are up in the trees because there was a coyote around...i've heard you guys have a few coyotes around your house....

Karen said...

Lisa, I love the photos of the wild life--and can relate, that's about as wild as it gets around here too, though lately our wildlife has been possums, a skunk and multiple raccoons. Are the pheasants native to your area? Around here, there are clubs that 'plant' pheasants for hunting. They don't seem to be the brightest bird in the world, but they are pretty, though! We hear coyotes at night but I've never actually seen one running around. I have lost two hens this fall to 'something' in broad daylight; a fox is my chief suspect.

I love your blog, it's so nice to know someone else who enjoys the country!

Heritage Farm Village said...

oh, i love the pheasants! so glad hubby put down his gun...maybe he will do that more often! ;) what beautiful pics lisa! jill

barb said...

Pheasants in a tree? Better than in one's windshield huh?

Sall's Country Life said...

Thanks for all the great comments...pheasants galore around here now, and road-hunting is the sport. Hunters ride around in their trucks and shoot the ones they see in the ditches. They are allowed to shoot in the ditches, but not on private property. So if they shoot it and it lands on someones property, they have to leave their gun at the road and walk in and retrieve the bird. I've been trying to shoot one in the ditch (with my camera) but they are so quick...very frustrating!! They are beautiful birds!!