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Thursday, November 4, 2010


When it comes to "best friends", there's not one better than the Golden Retriever....
Particularly (for this family), this golden retriever.....

She was six years old when I met my husband 
(he got her as a puppy)
She and I clicked,
 like two old friends right from the start.
She was probably thankful for
 another girl around the house,
 and one that could handle Sall was even better!!
We lost her September '09 to a throat tumor. 
There hasn't been a day go by that we don't miss her.

Golden Retrievers are special dogs...
the consummate loyal, eager, ever-grateful,
 never-disappointing best friends.

They are great baby-sitters!!

 "Don't worry mom, I'm watchin' her"

 Always friendly and sociable.

Great conversationalists!

And oh, so handsome!

Our Max is getting along better now, all by himself.
He gets pretty bored without Josie.
  But he has finally matured into that great hunting dog Sall has been waiting for.
It was pretty tough with the queen of retrievals around.
 She would snarl at him if he went near one of her birds.

He has a great nose for hunting too.
He's constantly smelling the wind and sniffing out the game.

No pheasants to flush out today, maybe next time!

Today, I'm thankful for my faithful companions,
Max and Josie
(R.I.P. Josie)

Big Hairy Hugs and Slobbery Kisses,


Verde Farm said...

What beautiful dogs. There is nothing like a faithful, canine companion. I am so sorry about Josie. I know how much you miss them. Our dog has cancer right now--we've had him for over 11 years (not long after we got married). I love him so much. Thank you for hsaring your wonderful dogs!

Casey said...

Y'all are going to have my wife and I looking for goldens again...this place could turn into a zoo!

Awesome pics! They are one of the best breeds out there. In the top 2 for sure!

Gorges Smythe said...

I've never had a purebred Golden Retriever, but my last farm dog was half (other half Collie). She had such a soft mouth that she'd carry and bury potato chips without breaking them! For some reason, it never crossed her mind to eat them. She was my best buddy for 13 years.